Lodo Drum Guy at Great American Beer Festival 2014!

If you're going to Great American Beer Festival this year make sure to stop by the Brewers Studio Pavilion this Saturday from 8:30 to 9:30 for the Intersection of Beer & Music. I'm providing a backline drum kit for Isaac Hanson of Hanson who will be part of a panel about musicians brewing beer and brewers playing music.

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Introducing “Big P” My Newest Premier Signia Backline Rental Kit

Behold Big P, my new backline rental drum kit and possibly one of the greatest drum sets ever manufactured! This top-of-the-line Premier Signia drum set is made from 5 plies of 5mm thick maple reinforced with rings and sounds DEVASTATING! You can feel these drums resonate in your chest as they fill the room and shake the floor with thunderous tone. This was Premier's best!  

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Free Drum Lessons & Discounted Drum Gear for Students!

Lodo Drum Guy is stoked to announce a new partnership with drum instructor Lane Parsons! Lane is an old friend and among the best rock drum instructors in Denver or anywhere (if you need proof just check out his drumming).

Here's the deal — not only do you get a free lesson from Lane, you get awesome discounts on my entire inventory of used drum kits and used cymbals so you can get the best gear and best lessons all in one place!

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Large '80's Drum Kits Coming Back and in Stock

If you are looking to get your hair metal band going again, and if you have a roadie and/or a van and/or a sizable basement, I have several large kits you will love.  

Just picked up a 10 piece Pearl ELX in cobalt fade.  Another favorite is a Premier XPK drum set, which is actually 2 drum sets in one.  Also, love the Ferrari Red Premier XPK 7 piece with tons of 80's ready cymbals.  Also have a sweet double bass Yamaha Power V Special.

In most cases I loaded the kits with close to $2000 in Sabian, Paiste, or Zildjian cymbals. I can swap cymbals, hardware, etc to save you some moolah or help you dial in your sound.

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Just a reminder that my band, Logan St Throwdown, is playing tomorrow night at Bannock Street Garage which marks your last chance to use my summer coupons to grab some great used cymbals. Take advantage of the gear discount while you still can and then come down to the show to hear my gear play all your favorites.

Show starts at 8:45.  No cover.  AWESOME

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Two Gigs, Two coupons, Too Good To Miss!!

Summer's here, I'm gigging, and you should be too! My band Logan Street Throwdown is starting the season off with two awesome Saturday shows in the next month: May 31st at Broadway's Tavern in Englewood and June 14th at Bannock Street Garage. To celebrate I'm having a sale on all my used music gear inventory just in case you need some new shells or cymbals to get ready for a heavy summer schedule of shows and touring.

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Coeur D'Alene Percussion

One of the many perks of my job is how often I run into unique musicians and people while buying new gear. On a run to grab a four piece drum set last month I arrived on the scene and noticed some unusual instruments hanging out in a room at the seller's house. The instruments were a marimba and a cajón, and both looked like they were made from hardware materials without any of the gimmicky finishes and flourishes found on commercial versions you see in music stores.

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