Michael Jochum Former Drummer of KORN is AWESOME!!


It's not everyday that celebrities walk through my downtown Denver drum shop and loft but when Michael Jochum (drummer and percussionist formerly with Korn and Jonathan Davis and the S.F.A.), came by my loft to check out my used drum gear, I was pretty stoked!!

Michael stopped by looking for crash cymbals, a ride cymbal, hi-hats and a bunch of drum hardware to finish his new kit. Currently independent, Michael is working on a new project.

He had his pick of the litter here (like all my visitors & clients do) and walked out with a sick set of cymbals including a Sabian Artisan ride cymbal, Sabian Paragon hats, and a few vintage Sabian Vault crash cymbals I'd got in only 2 hours earlier.

I set up a Sonor 3007 maple kit up for Michael that had the exact same configuration as the one in his Malibu studio,  a 1up/2 down setup with 12˝, 14˝ floor, and 16˝ floor toms, 20˝ bass, and a tough to find 14˝ by 3˝ snare drum.  

He lit up the Sonor drum shells for about 2 hours, rotating through all my high-end cymbals and dialing in a sound he wanted while we talked about everything from yoga to Prague. 

The next day he called with buyer's remorse about a crash he got and said he really wanted some Sabian Ozone cymbals. I didn't have any in stock, but I found a private seller in Pueblo who did. Two hours later, I had them and four hours later, Michael had them.

 By the way, he gives great drum lessons so come grab a kit from me and get in touch with him so you can build up your chops!

I'm looking forward to jamming with him in the future and sharing more good stories!

Check out Michael drumming on "Blind" with Korn on MTV Unplugged.

Posted on January 3, 2015 and filed under Music Gear.