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Used Starter Drums: 5-pc Tama Swingstar for an 8-year Old Girl

Used Tama Starter Drums at a Starter Price

About 7 months ago, I sold this 5-pc Tama SwingStar drum set to the family of an 8 year old girl for $370. The girl was brand new to drumming, her parents wanted to get her a solid used drum kit with hardware and cymbals but didn't want to spend a lot of money in case she quit.

Tama SwingStars aren't the nicest drums around but sound surprisingly good with new heads when tuned right. The deep toms, 20˝ kick drum and a set of used starter Zildjian cymbals on solid Tama hardware are a kid's dream, even if the parents would rather have a quieter, smaller bass drum. In fact used drum sets like this are perfect for starting drummers—I go through tons of used Tama SwingStars with whatever cymbals I have around. The difference is when you buy from me you know they're not ruined drum shells with bad bearing edges and keyholed cymbals. Trust me, I've seen a few drums and cymbals in my day.

This 8 year old loved her drum set for 7 months until, guess what...she quit and wanted to play guitar instead. So I took the used drum kit back on trade towards a starter guitar package I had for $260 and paid the family an additional $50 in cash. So for only $60, this little girl got to play a legit Tama drum set for 7 months.

Good news for the parents: now they can have their daughter practice guitar with headphones after listening to her bang on her drums and cymbals. And they didn't pay $900 for a new SwingStar at some other drum shop in Denver.

That's how things roll here at Lodo Drum Guy. My drum store started when I bought a similar starter used drum set and cymbals for my own daughter (although it wasn't a Tama SwingStar). This has had a life-changing impact on my kid and no other used drum shop or music store can offer you this flexibility for $60!

I LOVE IT!! you will too...see you soon.

Posted on March 7, 2015 and filed under Music Gear, Inventory.