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Large '80's Drum Kits Coming Back and in Stock

If you are looking to get your hair metal band going again, and if you have a roadie and/or a van and/or a sizable basement, I have several large kits you will love.  

Just picked up a 10 piece Pearl ELX in cobalt fade.  Another favorite is a Premier XPK drum set, which is actually 2 drum sets in one.  Also, love the Ferrari Red Premier XPK 7 piece with tons of 80's ready cymbals.  Also have a sweet double bass Yamaha Power V Special.

In most cases I loaded the kits with close to $2000 in Sabian, Paiste, or Zildjian cymbals. I can swap cymbals, hardware, etc to save you some moolah or help you dial in your sound.

Posted on July 16, 2014 and filed under Inventory.