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Introducing “Big P” My Newest Premier Signia Backline Rental Kit

Behold Big P, my new backline rental drum kit and possibly one of the greatest drum sets ever manufactured! This top-of-the-line Premier Signia drum set is made from 5 plies of 5mm thick maple reinforced with rings and sounds DEVASTATING! You can feel these drums resonate in your chest as they fill the room and shake the floor with thunderous tone. This was Premier's best!  

Posted on August 21, 2014 and filed under Inventory, Offer, Event, Music Gear.

Edinburgh: A Vault of Premier Gear

Edinburgh, Scotland, although generally known more for folk than rock n' roll, has its share of worthwhile music shops. Most tend to fall into a classical, stringed-instrument luthier category, but the city definitely has a niche for every musician. For drumming this niche is the Drum Vault on Candlemaker Row, a small two room shop located just down the street from the iconic Greyfriar's Bobby statue. Launched in 2012 by owner and drummer Jamie Corstorphine as "the first dedicated second hand drum shop in Edinburgh" the Drum Vault has been doing restorations, repair service and custom artwork with a focus on vintage Premier drums.

Posted on February 11, 2014 .