Vintage Drums: 1989 Yamaha Recording Custom Turbo Tour

Vintage Drum Kits Made In Japan and Awesome!

I recently came across an awesome vintage drum kit, the 1989 Yamaha Recording Custom (model PRC1492). The owner was looking to get a smaller set of drums and swap out some cymbals and I had no problem taking on his monster Yamaha Recording Custom drums. These are Yamaha drums from the era of heavy music with over sized power toms and massive 22˝ bass drums.

Why Made in Japan drums are better:

MIJ drums were made back when every drum and piece of hardware Yamaha made was made in Japan and made to last. I bought this kit from a pro drummer and after 25 years these shells still sound great!

Modern studio drums with vintage sound:

The Yamaha Recording Customs were made specifically for studio recording—they were customized with updated hardware to make close micing easier with great sound: the deeper shells of this kit put out a deep tone that can be more easily picked up in a fully miced studio.

Although Yamaha still puts out a re-issued version of these awesome drum kits, you won't get the vintage tone of aged birch drum shells unless you get the Made In Japan originals!!

Posted on May 4, 2015 and filed under Music Gear, Inventory.